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Korbinian Strimmer and Steve Hoffmann
University of Leipzig, Summer Term 2012

Starts: 18 April 2012
Time: Wednesday 13:30-15:00
Place: IZBI Seminarraum 109, Härtelstr. 16-18


In summer term 2012 the seminar "Current Topics in Biostatistics" will be concerned with statistical techniques for the analysis of RNA-Seq data. These data sets are now frequently encountered in transcriptome analysis and replace data from earlier technologies, such as microarrays.

A "Schein" will be awarded on the basis of a presentation and active discussion (5 LP for 2 SWS seminar + 1 SWS tutorial).


The first meeting is on 18 April 2012. We then meet regularly on Wednesday afternoon (sessions 1-4) and Tuesday afternoon (sessions 5-10). Every Thursday morning 11-12 there is also a tutorial to discuss each paper prior to the presentation in the seminar.


Session Date Topic Paper(s) Presenter
1 Wednesday 18 April 2012 Next-generation DNA sequencing (+ videos) 1, 2 Diana Le Duc
2 Wednesday 25 April 2012 RNA-Seq analysis 3, 4 Markus Kreuz
3 Wednesday 2 May 2012 Experimental design 5 Lorena Rivarola Duarte
4 Wednesday 9 May 2012 Expression quantification I 6, 7 Mario Fasold
5 Tuesday 15 May 2012 Expression quantification II 8, 9 Helene Kretzmer
6 Tuesday 22 May 2012 Normalization and differential expression I 10,11 Jens Gietzelt
7 Tuesday 29 May 2012 Normalization and differential expression II 12,13 Katharina Hößel
8 Tuesday 5 June 2012 Classification and clustering 14 Verena Zuber
9 Tuesday 12 June 2012 Multiple testing 15 Bernd Klaus
10 Tuesday 19 June 2012 Genetic networks 16 Korbinian Strimmer


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All papers are available as PDF from the instructors.