Current group members:

In addition to supervising students I am a personal academic advisor (about 30 students).

Past group members:

Completed doctoral students (primary supervisor):

  1. Dr. Takoua Jendoubi (2014-2019, Imperial College London) - now at University College London. (@j_takoua)
    Ph.D. thesis: Statistical approaches for metabolomics and omics data integration.
  2. Dr. Sebastian Gibb (2010-2014, University of Leipzig) - now at University Medicine Greifswald. (@sebastiangibb)
    M.D. thesis: Development of a flexible bioinformatics platform for analyzing mass spectrometry data (in German).
  3. Dr. Bernd Klaus (2009-2013, University of Leipzig) - now at Häfele, Nagold. (@BKlausStats)
    Ph.D. thesis: False discovery rates, higher criticism and related methods in high dimensional multiple testing.
  4. Dr. Verena Zuber (2008-2012, University of Leipzig) - now at Imperial College London. (@VerenaZuber)
    Ph.D. thesis: A multivariate framework for variable selection and identification of biomarkers in high-dimensional omics data.
  5. Dr. Rainer Opgen-Rhein (2004-2007, University of Munich) - now at Simon Kucher and Partners, Munich.
    Ph.D. thesis: Aspects of statistical learning in complex systems.
  6. Dr. Juliane Schäfer (2002-2006, University of Munich) - now at F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Basel.
    Ph.D. thesis: Small-sample analysis and inference of networked dependency structures from complex genomic data.
  7. Prof. Anne-Laure Boulesteix (2002-2005, University of Munich) - now at University of Munich.
    Ph.D. thesis: Dimension reduction and classification with high-dimensional microarray data. (@BoulesteixLaure)

Former group members (now academics):

Group members that were fellows of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation: