Follow-up course in 2004: Stochastic Models of Complex Biological Systems

Genetic Networks: Models and Estimation

Seminar course

Summer 2003

Statistics and Computational Biology
Department of Statistics, University of Munich


Instructors: Korbinian Strimmer, email:
Eduardo Mendoza, email:
Time: Every Friday in term, 9:30-11:00 (sharp!)
Place: Seminar room, Dept. of Statistics, first floor, Ludwigstrasse 33 (near "Siegestor").
Registration: Simply show up on introduction day (April 11) or register in advance with Korbinian Strimmer.
"Schein": Requires full attendance and the presentation of a talk.



This course is about a very hot topic in bioinformatics: genetic networks. In this seminar we focus on the statistical approaches to model net-like genetic interaction and how to infer those networks from gene expression data. In particular we will discuss (dynamical) Bayesian networks, Gaussian graphical models, cluster and decision tree methods, protein interaction networks and metabolic flux models, and also give an introduction to systems biology.

This seminar counts as a "Wahlplichtveranstaltung (2V/3 ECTS)" in the LMU/TUM Bioinformatics course.



Some background in molecular biology, statistics and computer science is advantageous, as well as some knowledge about gene expression analysis (e.g. see our previous course in summer 2002).



Our first meeting will be on Friday 11 April, 9:30am (sharp!).

Day Topic Speaker
11.4.2003 Course overview and assignment of talks Korbinian Strimmer
18.4.2004 no class (good friday)
25.4.2003 Introduction to gene expression analysis Korbinian Strimmer
02.5.2003 Bayesian networks (I): background and overview (slides) Christiane Belitz
09.5.2003 Bayesian networks (II): learning and inference (slides) Manuela Hummel
16.5.2003 Probabilistic boolean networks (slides) Rainer Opgen-Rhein
23.5.2003 Gaussian graphical models (slides) Juliane Schäfer
30.5.2003 no class
06.6.2003 Clustering and network methods (slides) Gangolf Jobb
13.6.2003 On the biophysics of molecular networks in transcription regulation (flyer) Guest Speaker:
Ulrich Gerland
20.6.2003 Biochemical systems analysis Eduardo Mendoza
27.6.2003 Polynomial models for gene regulatory networks (flyer) Guest Speaker:
Reinhard Laubenbacher


Course Textbooks and Materials:

There are no textbooks on genetic networks so we will work with current articles from the statistical genetics and bioinformatics literature. A list with suitable papers will be distributed in the first session of the course.


Internet links:

As a starting point the following web pages may be useful:

As a complement to this seminar you may also be interested in Eduardo Mendoza's lecture Structure and Dynamics of Biological Networks taking place on Wednesday afternoon.


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