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We continue our discussions - please check the new schedule for the academic year 2015-16

Contact and Information:

Korbinian Strimmer and Alexandra Lewin
Imperial College London
Spring and Summer 2015

Begin: 25 February 2015
End: 29 July 2015
Time: Thursday 14:00-15:00
Place: EBS Meeting Room (162), 1st Floor, St. Mary's


In this reading seminar we aim to read and discuss statistical papers presenting methods relevant to biostatistical analysis. We start our club by reading about the theory and applications of nonparametric Bayes methodology, but later we will also read other papers and preprints as we see fit.


We start the journal / book club on 25 February 2015 and then meet regulary, usually on Thursday afternoon. For precise dates and links to the papers see below!


Session Date Topic
We continue in the autumn with the discussions!
12 Wednesday 29 July 2015 LeCun et al. 2015. Deep learning. Nature 521: 436-444, and Salakhutdinov. 2014. Learning deep generative models. Annu. Rev. Stat. Appl. 2: 361-385.
11 Wednesday 15 July 2015 Lange et al. 2013. Assessing Natural Direct and Indirect Effects Through Multiple Pathways. AJE 179:513-518, and Boca et al. 2014. Testing multiple biological mediators simultaneously. Bioinformatics 30:214-220.
10 Thursday 11 June 2015 Kamary, Mengersen, Robert and Rousseau. 2014. Testing hypotheses via a mixture estimation model. arXiv:1412.2044.
9 Thursday 4 June 2015 Hao et al. 2015. Sparsifying the Fisher linear discriminant by rotation. JRSS B in press.
8 Thursday 14 May 2015 Kirk et al. 2012. Bayesian correlated clustering to integrate multiple datasets. Bioinformatics 28:3290-3297, and Savage et al. 2010. Discovering transcriptional modules by Bayesian data integration. Bioinformatics 26:i158-i167.
7 Thursday 30 April 2015 Varin, Cattelan and Firth. 2015. Statistical Modelling of Citation Exchange Among Statistics Journals. JRSS A to appear. (supplementary material, RSS ordinary meeting)
6 Wednesday 15 April 2015 Donoho and Jin. 2015. Higher Criticism for Large-Scale Inference, Especially for Rare and Weak Effects. Statist. Sci. 30:1-25.
Klaus and Strimmer. 2013. Signal identification for rare and weak features: higher criticism or false discovery rates? Biostatistics 14: 129-143.
5 Wednesday 25 March 2015 Jara et al 2011. DPpackage: Bayesian Semi- and Nonparametric Modeling in R. J. Statist. Software 40:5.
4 Wednesday 18 March 2015 Chapter 7 ("Applications in Biostatistics") of "Bayesian Nonparametrics" book.
3 Thursday 12 March 2015 Yau and Holmes. 2011. Hierarchical Bayesian nonparametric mixture models for clustering with variable relevance determination. Bayesian Anal. 6:329-351
Liverani et al. 2014. PReMiuM: An R Package for Profile Regression Mixture Models using Dirichlet Processes J. Statist. Software, to appear.
2 Wednesday 4 March 2015 Gershman and Blei. 2012. A tutorial on Bayesian nonparametric models. J. Math. Psychol. 56: 1-12.
1 Wednesday 25 February 2015 Overview ("An Invitation to Bayesian Nonparametrics") and Chapter 1 ("Motivation and Ideas") of "Bayesian Nonparametrics" by Nils Lid Hjort, Chris Holmes, Peter Müller, and Stephen G. Walker. 2010. Cambridge University Press.