Korbinian Strimmer, University Leipzig, Summer Term 2009


Organisatorical details (z.B. room, time) can be found in the commented lecture index SS 2009.

This course will be held in an Oxbridge tutorial style manner: every week a new paper is announced, which will be discussed the following week by the tutor (Korbinian Strimmer) as well as by one or more of the students. Presentations are on chalk board (no power point or similar). Language will primarily be in English.

The papers discussed will first deal with general foundations of statistics and machine learning. Later on we focus on applications to analysis of molecular and other biological data (e.g. gene expression, imaging, etc.).

The PDFs for the discussed papers can be downloaded from below (class-use only).

A "Schein" will be awarded on the basis of active discussion and possibly an oral exam and the writing of an essay (depending on the student's requirements).

Schedule and Literature:

Date Reading list
14 April 2009 First meeting
21 April 2009 Leo Breiman. 2001. Statistical modeling: the two cultures. Statistical Science 16: 199-231.
28 April 2009 David J. Hand. 2006. Classifier technology and the illusion of progress. Statistical Science 21: 1-14.
5 May 2009 Bradley Efron. 1998. R. A. Fisher in the 21st century. Statistical Science 13: 95-122.
12 May 2009 Stephen M. Stigler. 2007. The epic story of maximum likelihood. Statistical Science 22: 598-620.
(19 May 2009)
Stephen E. Fienberg. 1992. A brief history of statistics in three and one-half chapters. A review essay. Statistical Science 7: 208-225.
26 May 2009 Bradley Efron. 1986. Why isn't everyone a Bayesian? American Statistician 40: 1-11.
2 June 2009 James O. Berger. 2003. Could Fisher, Jeffeys and Neyman have agreed on testing? Statistical Science 18: 1-32.
(9 June 2009)
Nick Trefethen. 2005. Who invented the great numerical algorithms? Talk presented at the University of Oxford.
16 June 2009 Bradley Efron. 2008. Microarrays, empirical Bayes and the two-groups model. Statistical Science 23: 1-22.
23 June 2009 Beatrix Jones et al. 2005. Experiments in stochastic computation for high-dimensional graphical models Statistical Science 20: 388-400
Michael Jordan. 2004 Graphical models Statistical Science 19: 140-155
30 June 2009 Martin A. Lindquist. 2009. The statistical analysis of fMRI data. Statistical Science 23: 439-464
7 July 2009 John W. Tukey. 1962. The future of data analysis Ann. Math. Statist. 33: 1-67
Colin Mallows. 2006. Tukey's paper after 40 years JASA 48: 319-336