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The "whitening" package implements the whitening methods (ZCA, PCA, Cholesky, ZCA-cor, and PCA-cor) discussed in Kessy, Lewin, and Strimmer (2018) as well as the whitening approach to Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA) allowing negative canonical correlations described in Jendoubi and Strimmer (2019). The package also offers functions to simulate random orthogonal matrices, compute (correlation) loadings and explained variation. It also contains four example data sets (extended UCI wine data, TCGA LUSC data, nutrimouse data, extended pitprops data).

Current Version: 1.4.0

Authors: Korbinian Strimmer, Takoua Jendoubi, Agnan Kessy, and Alex Lewin.

Documentation and Installation:

Quick install: enter at the R console: install.packages("whitening")


R Code for Kessy, Lewin, and Strimmer (2018):

R Code for Jendoubi and Strimmer (2019):